For over 35 years, we’ve been providing one-on-one coaching to our church partners. Now you have access to your own inFamily Giving Coach™.

Our coaches will help you navigate all the ins and outs of financial stewardship. They will coach you through:

  • Implementation and integration of inFamily Giving
  • Giving strategies that are proven to cultivate generosity
  • Congregational engagement, pledges, and giving
  • Managing church and financial growth
  • Answering any questions you may have

Churches who trust inFamily Giving see a significant increase of tithes and offerings. Because we know the importance of biblical generosity, our Giving Coaches become one of you, helping you successfully launch and manage new giving solutions.

Solutions + Coaching = Success

inFamily Giving Coaches are your first call when you need to understand solutions, learn how to use them better, and navigate every detail.

Giving Solutions Support

Congregation Engagement Coaching

Merchant Coaching

Online Giving Launch Coaching

A lifeline, not a sales team

Your inFamily Giving Coach means support for you, not a sales person. Giving Coaches are here to navigate the ever-changing world of giving, always keeping you aware of the most effective solutions to meet the unique needs of your ministry.

Getting started is easy. Click here to schedule a call with an inFamily Giving Coach.

Ministry Impact Story

Lutheran Church of the Ascension

I want to unlock the giving potential for our church and be inFamily.

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