You want the latest giving solutions and you want them fully integrated with your other systems. But, If you don't choose the right solutions, you could find yourself transferring data manually instead of experiencing the ease of full integration.

Integration integrity

Almost all giving solutions are going to claim to integrate with your Church Management Software, but you’ll likely experience a third-party letdown if you thought they meant that the giving data migrates to your ChMS automatically. Most of the time, you’re going to be left with manually inputting the data from your giving solution into your ChMS. That’s manual madness.

With inFamily Giving solutions, we promise integration integrity™. When we say it integrates, that means automatic, not manual. Your giving, accounting, reporting, groups, and volunteers all live under one roof. There’s no manual madness™ when you’re inFamily.

inFamily means, manage your ministry smarter. All of your church data can now live under one roof.

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Go Beyond the Data

Your inFamily Giving Coach™ will help you figure out the best ways to integrate your new giving solutions into the life and systems of your church. After all, the only way Giving Solutions can increase your giving potential is if people are using them.

With inFamily Giving solutions, you’ll be able to end the manual madness and say goodbye to third-party letdowns.

If you prefer to keep researching on your own, click here and learn about the features of our cloud-based Church Management Software. Realm combines the most comprehensive giving solutions with a complete Church Management System.

Communicating the Need

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I want to unlock the giving potential for our church and be inFamily.

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